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Electronic Device - Monitor and Related Items, Parts, Repair, and Replacement

Bid No. 19-052MG, Contract Term: July 10, 2019, to July 9, 2025

Quote and PO Instructions

A quote must be received from the vendor prior to entering the requisition, to ensure APS receives the contracted pricing.

When requesting a quote, provide the following information to the vendor in order to ensure the quote contains the discounted contract pricing:

  1. Albuquerque Public Schools Contract: Bid 19052MG Electronic Device, Monitor & Related Items, Parts, Repair, Replacement
  2. Vendor's APS Price Agreement (PA) number (see vendor list below)
  3. APS Site's "Ship To" address (your location)
  4. List of items to be quoted
  5. Your APS contact information, in case the vendor has a question regarding your request
  6. Instruct the vendor to send you the quote via email in PDF format

Header Comments

You need to enter the following information on the requisition in the "Comments to Print on the Purchase Orders" section of the Header:

  • RQ
  • PA
  • Bid 19-052MG
  • Electronic Device, Monitor & Related Items, Parts, Repair, Replacement
  • Term: 7/10/2019 - 7/9/2025
  • Board Approval: Not Applicable
  • Quote
  • Quote Date
  • Quote Prepared by
  • Phone
  • Email

Please note: Holman's Inc. (Vendor 11191) did not participate in this solicitation and consequently is not an awarded vendor. They cannot provide these services for any APS site during the term of this contract.

Electronic Device Vendors
VendorVendor No.PA No.Contact Information

iFixYouri Corporation

46985 15380 James Lewis
(888) 494-4349


41350 15381 Allen Davis
(505) 610-0226




Dustin Smith
(888) 447-3728

If Dustin's not available, contact:
Melissa De La Garza