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Appliances Commercial and Residential - Discount from List

Bid No. 22-001MS, Contract Term: Aug. 25, 2021, to Aug. 24, 2025

Quote and PO Instructions

A quote must be received from the vendor prior to entering the requisition, to ensure APS receives the contracted pricing.

When requesting a quote, provide the following information to the vendor to ensure you receive the discounted, contract pricing:

  1. Albuquerque Public Schools Contract: Bid No. 22-001MS Appliances/Commercial & Residential - Discount from List
  2. APS Price Agreement (PA) number (see list below)
  3. Reference information listed below with vendor information
  4. APS Site's "Ship To" address (your location)
  5. List of items to be quoted
  6. Your APS contact information, in case the vendor has a question regarding your request
  7. Instruct the vendor to send you the quote via email in PDF format

Header Comments

The following information must be entered on the requisition in the "Comments to Print on Purchase Orders" section of the Header:

  • Requisition No.
  • Price Agreement No.
  • Bid No. 22-001MS
  • Appliances/Commercial & Residential - Discount from List
  • Term: 8/25/2021 - 8/24/2021
  • Board Approved: 8/25/2021
  • Quote No.
  • Quote Date
  • Quote Amount
  • Quote Prepared by
Appliance Vendors
VendorVendor No.PA No.Contact Information

Builders Source/dba Baillios

10305 15829 Martha Cano
(505) 220-5831

Business Services

42311 15830 Terry Brunning
(619) 366-1794

Grady's Food Service Equipment

40817 15831 Rosalind Esquibel
(505) 450-3694

National Restaurant Supply

11764 15832 Sara Bowen
(505) 263-3980

Douglas Food Stores/dba Douglas Equipment

48431 15833 Rebecca Bergin
(304) 327-0149