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About the APS Police Department

APS Police mission and philosophy.

APS Police Car

Mission Statement

Primary Mission

The primary mission of the APS Police Department is to create and maintain a safe and secure educational climate for all students and staff members. This will be accomplished through the protection of life and property; the resolution of conflict and pro-actively reducing the opportunities for the commission of crimes on all APS property. 


The APS Police Department embraces, accepts and agrees to abide by the full meaning of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.  We will follow and enforce statutory laws; however, it is important to remember that those we serve are children and young adults. They require more understanding, more sensitivity, and more compassion. Whenever possible we will attempt to use mediation, counseling and mentoring in lieu of enforcement action. We will always strive to lead by example and to be positive role models.

This page was last updated on: October 6, 2010.