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Superintendent/Executive Director Equity Council

Information about Albuquerque Public Schools' Superintendent’s/Executive Director’s Equity Council selection.


In the fall of 2019, the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) requested that all New Mexico school districts establish a Superintendent’s/Executive Director’s Equity Council.

This Council will be a local-level team that will help inform the district’s actions and solutions in response to Martinez/Yazzie. This group is responsible for addressing key areas related to Martinez/Yazzie and the four deliverables:

  1. Readiness Assessment
  2. Equity Plan
  3. Culturally and Linguistically Responsive (CLR) Frameworks
  4. Funding Report

The Equity Council will provide updates to and collaborate with the school boards and school governing bodies. The Superintendent’s Executive Director’s Equity Councils are an advisory; they do not make final decisions or policy.

Selection Criteria

Based on NMPED guidelines, the Council shall be composed of a number of members sufficient to meet the requirements, but no more than 15 members serving staggered three or four-year terms.

The Council membership shall include representatives of the school district, school staff, students, parents, and family members, community members and members of Nations, Tribes or Pueblos.

At least half of the total membership must represent the student groups identified in the Courts’ ruling in the Yazzie Martinez case – students with disabilities, Native American students, students who are English learners and economically disadvantaged students.

Selection Process

In determining APS’ Council, the district used the selection criteria set forth by NMPED. APS also solicited feedback from its existing District Equity Advisory Council and its community organizational partners for recommendations.

Council Members

  • Brandon Baca, Manager Refugee & Newcomer Supports Program, APS
  • Mahbooba Pannah, APS Parent
  • Ebuela Shindano, APS Student
  • Maria Hines, Equity Coordinator, APS
  • Eduardo Esquivel-Gonzales, Program Manager/Curriculum Development New Mexico Dream Team
  • Kate Iraiz Martinez, APS Student
  • Daisy Thompson, Senior Director of Indian Education APS
  • Nicole Shaw, Parent
  • Vince Baty, Dean of Students Albuquerque High School, APS
  • Stephanie Fascitelli, Executive Director of Special Education - Support, Training and Programming, APS
  • Sandra Holguin, parent
  • Jill Vice, Exceptional Student District Specialist, Special Education, APS
  • Maribel Garza, Parent
  • Arlen Nelson, Equity Coordinator, APS