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International Center

The APS International Center is a community space for newcomer students and families, and is physically located at La Mesa Elementary school.

Due to COVID-19, the International Center is currently closed to the public until further notice.

The APS International Center is run by the Refugee & Newcomer Supports Program and is physically located at La Mesa Elementary School. You can schedule a visit by contacting


To create meaningful connections between refugees, communities, APS, as well as public and private organizations that support refugees in education and developing self-sufficient and fulfilling lives.


The International Center will support our vision through School Connection, Cultural Connection, and Community Connections.

School Connection

We will support refugee and newcomer connections with the APS community by being a "one-stop" shop for families:

  • Provide guidance on the U.S. education system
  • Identify APS programs and resources
  • Assist families navigating in APS

Cultural Connection

We will improve the connection to one's own culture. We believe that culture is an asset that refugee and newcomer families and students can use to better their lives.

  • Establishing the "International Library," offering books written in the native languages of refugee newcomer populations
  • Provide opportunities for the APS community to connect to refugees and newcomers through professional development, and building meaningful connections between cultures

Community Connection

We will connect APS and community organizations through collaboration and information sharing.


  • Hosting monthly meeting between community organizations and APS
  • Hosted Spring Break College Readiness Camp in collaboration with Catholic Charities
  • Hosting TELL (Teaching English Language Learners) trainings for the Refugee & Newcomer Supports Program and community partners in collaboration with the Language and Cultural Equity department

Future Goals

  • International Library with books in various languages spoken by refugees and newcomers
  • Language classes for refugee and newcomer families and students to develop first language literacy and cultural connectivity