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Events for School Year 2021-2022

Ramadan 2022

Saturday, April 2, 2022 to Monday, May 2, 2022

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Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims observe a holy month of fasting, introspection, and prayer.

Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims observe fasting from sunrise to sunset, it is a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer for Muslims, the followers of Islam. It is celebrated as the month during which Prophet Muhammad received the initial revelations of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims. Fasting is one of the five fundamental principles of Islam. This year Ramadan starts from April 2nd to May 2nd. It is scheduled on the lunar calendar, so it moves approx. 12 days each year. Also, it can be a difficult month for many to get through, especially students who have to go through a normal school day.

How to Support Students During Ramadan

Fortunately, there are a few simple things teachers can do to support students during Ramadan:

Avoid food-centric class events

During Ramadan, all adults who are able to are expected to fast from sunrise to sunset. Depending on which age you teach, you may have students participating in fasting in part or in full. Have classroom games and activities be the focus instead. This policy also benefits students with food allergies.

Reduce potentially dangerous physical activity

Since fasting is an important part of Ramadan, students may be experiencing low blood sugar, weakness, and other symptoms that make physical activity dangerous. Many Muslim students will ask to modify their exercise or to be excused from PE. Others will choose to participate fully in these activities.

Acknowledge Ramadan traditions and Islam

People feel included when the people around them understand their lives. Ramadan is a great opportunity to embrace different cultures and build empathy for others. You may offer Muslim students the opportunity to talk about their experiences.

Offer time and space for prayer during lunch

During Ramadan, Muslims believe that their spiritual efforts are especially important and enhanced. It’s important for Muslims to have an appropriate space to pray. Muslim students will feel included if they have an alternative place to take a break during lunchtime. It can also be helpful to offer some privacy, especially since you may have students who choose not to disclose their faith.

Keep an eye out for students who may need additional support

Muslim students may be experiencing acute senses of loss from missing family members no longer with them, mourning for lost homes (especially if they’re refugees or immigrants). A key part of Ramadan is breaking the fast each day with friends and family.

Consider decorating your classroom

Islamic art is beautiful, and Ramadan is ultimately a festive time. Acknowledging the holiday in the classroom by decorating with lanterns and Islamic art is a way to observe the holiday that allows everyone to participate. This is a great opportunity for Muslim students to teach their classmates about their own traditions if they wish.

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