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Managing Your Child's Health at School

Interacting with the School Health Office to manage your child's health.

Your child spends the day with us here in school and they do not leave chronic health conditions or health needs at home for the day! School Health Offices will join with teachers, counselors, and staff in providing holistic services that consider the whole child and their family and/or community in our delivery of care. We are involved in the daily management of chronic conditions (like Diabetes, Asthma, Seizure Disorder, food allergies, mental health concerns, and others), health and wellness education, immunization review, screenings (vision, hearing, dental, etc), care of acute illnesses, and creating a safe and comforting space for your child to access for care; and, much more. We follow APS and NMDOH guidelines for the management of health concerns in the schools.

To be sure that we are ready and prepared to respond to your child’s health needs parents/guardians should provide medical information, provider orders, and labeled/non-expired supplies and medications to the Health Office for use with your child. Provide updated information to your child’s teacher, school nurse, and school administration. 

*The School Health Office is not a replacement for your usual health care provider (MD, NP, PA) or emergency services.