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Posted: June 22, 2022

School Nurse of the Year

Melissa and Patrick Parker – Awarded School Nurses of the Year

We are honored and proud to announce Melissa and Patrick Parker have been chosen as School Nurses of the Year for SY2021-22!  They are the incredible and beloved school nurse team at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School (AHAHS), the largest school in the APS District.

This team, who met while training nurses preparing to serve in Afghanistan, is a dynamic duo who serves Atrisco’s community with expert care, best practices, current information, endless patience, and deep compassion. 

Melissa and Patrick deserve to be APS's "School Nurse of the Year" for so many reasons.

The daily contributions Melissa and Patrick make to the school is quantifiable. They have made the lives of students, staff, and visitors healthier, more empowered, and positive.

Melissa and Patrick demonstrate leadership and a commitment to student health and wellness.  They exhibit standards of personal and professional conduct, coordinate care deliver and facilitate an interdisciplinary process with other members of the healthcare team. They also advocate for students and seek out resources for families as well as providing health education and employ strategies to promote a healthy and safe environment

Through their efforts and expertise, students are able to live more healthfully, whether through access to personal hygiene, assistance with medication administration, help icing a sprained ankle, or something more serious such as support during a mental health crisis, resources for drug addiction, or designing a plan to return to school after a serious injury or illness.

The community at AHAHS is deeply proud of and honored that Melissa and Patrick Parker are at AHAHS: “They make an excellent choice for APS's School Nurse of the Year!”