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Posted: January 30, 2014

W-2s Sent to Employees This Week

Staff who did not receive the form should contact payroll office

The Albuquerque Public Schools Payroll Office sent out W-2 Wage and Tax Statement forms to employees this week.

The forms were sent to each APS staff member’s work site. If an employee did not receive his or her W-2, he or she should contact the APS Payroll Office at 872-6880.

“If for some reason the W-2 could not be delivered to the employee’s work site, the forms were returned to the Payroll Office. Employees should call the Payroll Office at 872-6880 and make sure their form has been returned,” said APS Payroll Manager Debbie Dunahoo.

Staff then must go to the Payroll Office, 3rd Floor-East of the Alice & Bruce King Educational Complex (City Centre) to pick up their W-2.

The forms contain information about each employee’s wages, social security and other taxes withheld.