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Posted: September 24, 2013

Superintendent Welcomes New Student Advisers

For the fifth consecutive year, Superintendent Winston Brooks, board members and leadership will meet monthly with a group of high school students to get input on a variety of issues from graduation requirements and testing to budget and policy.

Board President Marty Esquivel talks to SuperSAC

Board President Marty Esquivel talks to SuperSAC

Superintendent Winston Brooks met with the 2013-14 Student Advisory Council on Monday. The group is made up of two representatives from each APS high school including the schools of choice. The packed agenda included discussions on graduation requirements, state-required testing and truancy.

“Once again we have a fantastic group of student advisers who will weigh in on everything from policy decisions to the budget,” said Superintendent Winston Brooks. “This group provides the APS Board of Education and me with valuable insight into the opinions of our customers, the students.”

Chief Academic Officer Shelly Green discussed the graduation requirements with the students. “It was very interesting to hear their concerns and the interest of the students to have more guidance from their counselors,” Green said. “The students need to know what exams they need to pass to graduate, and it is important for them and their parents to have clear understanding of these requirements so that there are no surprises."

APS district personnel will meet with parents around the community about graduation requirements during October and November.

The students also provided input on truancy. “We continue to hear from students that we need to ensure that they are engaged and excited about learning so that they keep coming to school,” said Superintendent Brooks.

Students talked about why some high school students skip school including a need to work, family issues, a lack of confidence or direction and classes that aren't challenging enough.

SuperSAC 1st meeting 2013

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