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Student of the Week

Posted: January 14, 2014

Student of the Week: Viane Cumber

Congratulations to Viane Cumber, a fifth grader at Sombra Del Monte ES, for being named the Student of the Week by the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union and the APS Education Foundation!

What can a parent or teacher say about this student?
"Viane is the type of student that you never forget because of her leadership, her courage to try new things, and her perseverance and dedication to reaching her goals. I have the pleasure to be Viane's school counselor since she was in 2nd grade and watching her stay true to herself has been awe-inspiring. The last two years Viane has been a valuable member of our peer mediation and student council program. During this time she has taken leadership rolls in presenting information to our staff and has served on committees to foster positive relationships within our community like reading to preschools at a nearby preschool. Viane has never backed down from any challenge and has always given her best to each task weather it be academic or extracurricular.  I know that when she tells me of her future dreams and goals that she will achieve them all and then some. She shows her greatness by giving back to others and inspiring her peers to never give up. Thank you Viane for using your talents to do good within our school and community."  With admiration,  ~Mrs. Thrower

"I met Viane' when she was in my third grade class and I was lucky enough to also have her as my student in fourth grade.  I knew from the moment that I met her that she was something special. Viane' is a student that is never satisfied with just proficient when exemplary is an option. She is constantly pushing herself to be her very best and spends quite a bit of time self-reflecting to excel in whatever the task is at hand.  Viane' is mature beyond her years and that is evident based on how she communicates with and shows respect to everyone she meets. She is very in tune with her moral compass.  She has always chosen to do what is right even if it is not necessarily the popular decision.  She has always been extremely dependable and a natural leader.  As a peer mediator and student council member, she has constantly displayed these skills in working with younger students and her grade level peers. You can find her every recess playing basketball or football where she always makes sure anyone who wants to play feels welcomed and encouraged. Viane' is truly a joy and I am excited to see what all she has in store for the world." ~Mrs. Dubbs

"Viane Cumber is a dream student to have in class. She is dedicated and driven in every aspect of her life. Viane has set goals that she will reach because she knows what it takes to be a successful person. She is kind toward her peers on a daily basis and truly cares about their well being. Her positive leadership and compassion are an example to everyone in our class, including me. When I think about her future, I rejoice in the impact that I know she will make in our world. I feel blessed to be even a small part of what she will become." ~Mr. LeDuc

What’s this student’s favorite subject?

What are this student’s hobbies or activities, both at school and outside of school?
Basketball, swimming, being a peer mediator and student council member!