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Student of the Week

Posted: November 13, 2012

Student of the Week: Paris Rael

Congratulations to Paris Rael, a 3rd grader at Double Eagle Elementary School, for being named the Student of the Week by the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union and the APS Education Foundation.

What can a parent or teacher say about this student? 

According to his teacher, Paris is a quiet student who loves art. He has well- developed skills and studies art with his father who is himself an artist. Paris is well-liked by his peers and he enjoys teaching them to draw. Even though he is quite serious, he has a great sense of humor and frequently makes us all laugh. Extremely artistic – well beyond his years.

Paris says, “My dad says I can make pictures and sell them when I grow up. I don’t really care about the money. I just like to draw because it’s a fun activity for me to do. I’m really good at monsters but now I’m practicing people.” 

Student’s favorite subject:

Art and journaling.

Hobbies or activities, both at school and outside of school:

Art. Paris recently won a first and second place ribbon for his drawings at his first Southern Ute Fair.