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Student of the Week

Posted: May 2, 2017

Student of the Week Nathan Collins

Junior at School on Wheels

Nusenda Credit Union, in partnership with the APS Education Foundation, highlights an APS student each week.

Nathan’s school experience: My school experience: I began attending School on Wheels in January of 2015 in hopes of catching up on classes I had not been able to complete at previous schools. When I first began attending School on Wheels, I was very soft-spoken, unfocused during class, and isolated from other students. However, after attending classes with usually no more than fifteen students, I was able to attain more attention from my educators to keep me focused, speak louder, and communicate more with others. I have had much more success at School on Wheels than I have had at any other schools.

Favorite course: My favorite course that I have taken at School on Wheels was a computer coding class that took last year. I felt challenged while taking this class with also a feeling of satisfaction of being able to do something that felt so difficult and complicated.

Plans for the future: Ideally, I would like to attending college and further my learning of computers as much as possible with my piqued interest in computers and computer sciences.

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