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Student of the Week

Posted: September 13, 2011

Student of the Week: Katherine Kelton

Congratulations to Katherine Kelton, a senior at Early College Academy, for being named the Student of the Week by the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union and the APS Education Foundation.

Tell us a little about your school experience:

My overall school experience has been nothing but engaging and fun. Learning fascinates me and both my peers and teachers further the experience.

What’s your favorite course?

English is my favorite course because it allows one to progress not only in academic reading and writing skills but propels one to conduct oneself in successful, everyday
communications with other people, fellow students, teachers, parents, other young people and adults.

What are your plans for the future?

I am aspiring to eventually become a creative writing teacher at the high school level and then advance to become a professor at a college or university. My short term goals for the future are to first complete my associate’s degree in December, 2011 and graduate high school in May, 2012.

The Student of the Week is sponsored by the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union.