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Student of the Week

Posted: December 10, 2018

Student of the Week JC Sandoval

5th grader School at Comanche Elementary School

Nusenda Credit Union, in partnership with the APS Education Foundation, highlights an APS student each week.

What JC says about school: "I have been at Comanche since kindergarten. I have always liked Comanche because I like the organized schedule the school follows. I think all the teachers are nice and school is fun! I get along with other kids well because I often know what they like and talk with them about it. If I don't know, I will talk with kids and find out what their interests are and then talk with them about it."

Favorite subject: "I like math because I am really good at it. I have always been good at math, which is why I like it so much."

Hobbies and activities: JC participates in NDI and Math Olympiad at school. “I like reading the Percy Jackson series when I am at home because I like learning about Greek mythology. I like playing 4 square because I am very competitive and I like a challenge." JC's dream is to become an engineer. 

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