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Student of the Week

Posted: September 13, 2016

Student of the Week Ishmael Jackson

8th grader at Jefferson MS

Ishmael's school experience: "I enjoy the fact that teachers here are available to help students. Jefferson is a school where students work together as a community and stand up for each other if someone is being bullied."

Favorite subject: "My favorite subject is algebra because I can spend my time expanding on a lot of the things I already know and my math knowledge keeps growing. I also enjoy working in the leadership class and helping the Jefferson community of students and teachers."

Hobbies & activities: "My hobbies at home and school are skateboarding and the Skateboarding Club. I am a member of Jefferson Brotherhood and I like the confidence it builds in me. At home, I enjoy watching ‘The Regular Show.’ I also like graphic design and would like to have a career in design. My goal in life is to become the best person I can be."