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Student of the Week

Posted: May 24, 2021

Student of the Week Indiana Ono

5th grader at Ventana Ranch Elementary School

Nusenda Credit Union, in partnership with the APS Education Foundation, highlights an APS student each week.

What Indiana's current teacher says about him: Indiana is kind and respectful with peers and teachers. When I have asked other students who are having a hard time with friends who they can name as a true friend that is nice to them every day, Indiana is always on that list. He has a strong work ethic and I can always count on him to do his best and turn in quality work in all subject areas. 

What Indiana's teacher from last year says about him: Indiana Ono is one of my all- time favorite students. He also has the best name ever! Indiana works hard every day! Even after the work is done, he examines how he might take his efforts to the next level. In a world of selfies and attempts at being the next big trend, Indiana is a quiet and humble person who is actually so much more than even he knows! He is special, but unaware of it. Being around him lifts everyone up; being his teacher taught me to pay better attention to the small, and enormous, ways that one person can change a group. It is gratifying to learn that someone like Indiana is being recognized for being so uniquely himself. So very proud of him!

What Indiana's principal says about him: Indiana has always been such a respectful and polite student! He works hard and I've noticed that he invites and includes others when he plays. It seems like no one is left out when he's around!

What Indiana's parents say about him: Indiana has a great sense of humor. He fills our lives with joy and laughter. He puts his best effort forward in the classroom and is determined to get his work done. We like that he knows exactly what he wants to say and am amazed by the confidence he has in his opinions and by how much he has learned. Indiana has a strong honor code that does not sway, regardless of the situation that confronts him, and we are truly proud of him. We are so happy that he attends Ventana Ranch Elementary where he is surrounded by such great teachers and friends. Go RoadRunners!

Favorite subjects: History and science. He hopes to be a physicist in the future.

Hobbies and activities: Indiana enjoys swimming, hiking, playing video games, watching YouTube videos, and going to the movies. 

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