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Student of the Week

Posted: December 4, 2012

Student of the Week: Elanor Van Hoose

Congratulations to Elanor Van Hoose, a 3rd grader at Montezuma Elementary School, for being named the Student of the Week by the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union and the APS Education Foundation.

About Elanor:

Elanor is a very bright young woman, who in the face of great adversity has remained very positive and happy. Her positive attitude and excellent work ethic have made her popular with peers and are a constant reminder to staff to take a breath and enjoy ourselves.

Favorite subject:

Elanor’s favorite subject is science because she likes to see how things react with each other and she is really interested in how natural resources are used to make objects like sand for concrete and how ore is smelt for metal.

Hobbies or activities:

Elanor likes to look at her garden. She also likes to visit art stores to get supplies to make things like her Halloween costume. She really likes riding her scooter and playing board games with family.