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Student of the Week

Posted: May 10, 2021

Student of the Week Bah'hozhooni Fleg

4th grader at Longfellow Elementary School

Nusenda Credit Union, in partnership with the APS Education Foundation, highlights an APS student each week.

What Bah'hozhooni’s father says about him: Bah'hozhooni is a passionate learner. He wants to dig deeper, asking hard questions about the topic at hand.

What Bah'hozhooni’s teacher says about him: Bah’hozhooni is a quiet and respectful student. He is a model student and is well-liked by all his peers. He loves to learn. He likes to help others and demonstrates great citizenship.

 Favorite subject: He like them all!

 Hobbies and activities: He is an avid runner and baseball player, enjoys gardening and beekeeping and does not want to lose at board games. 

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