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Student of the Week

Posted: November 9, 2011

Student of the Week: Araceli Casas

Congratulations to Araceli Casas, a 5th grader at Reginald F. Chavez Elementary, for being named the Student of the Week by the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union and the APS Education Foundation.

About Araceli:

Araceli has an outstanding work ethic. She is extremely organized and stays on task to complete all assignments. Araceli is friendly, respectful, and sensitive to others’ needs.

Favorite subject:

Araceli excels in all areas of academics, but truly enjoys math.

Favorite hobbies or activities, both at school and outside of school:

School hobbies/activities include Box Top, Gifted and hip hop dance. Out of school hobbies include soccer, drawing, reading.