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Student of the Week

Posted: March 1, 2016

Student of the Week Anya Parasher

4th grader at Double Eagle ES

What Anya’s principal and teacher say about her: Anya is not only a talented student, but a wonderful young lady. Anya is an enthusiastic learner and always takes the initiative to stretch her thinking, coming up with questions beyond her years. Her favorite subject is mathematics.

She is not only very bright, but amazingly kind and respectful. Her sunny disposition makes her someone her peers want to be around.

In her second year on the Double Eagle Student Council, she is the secretary and takes detailed minutes of the meetings and is enthusiastic in her participation of all our community projects. She is very passionate about supporting other children, especially through projects supported by the Student Council including the UNM Children’s Hospital.

Outside of school, Anya swims, has started to play golf, loves to draw, plays the piano and takes public speaking class. Anya is a true student leader!