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Student of the Week

Posted: May 5, 2015

Student of the Week Andrew Lovato, Washington Mid-School

Student of the Week for May 5, 2015

Andrew Lovato, 8th grade, Washington Mid-School

Andrew Lovato, 8th grade, Washington Mid-School

Andrew Lovato is an 8th grader at Washington Middle School.

Tell us a little about your school experience: As a 6th and 7th grader, I didn’t do well in school, but once I got to the 8th grade, I started to learn a lot. I got back into the Leadership program and learned more respect for myself and others. I began to change my mind set and get good grades.

Favorite subject: My favorite subjects in school are math and science. I enjoy science more because I get to use technology and I enjoy doing the labs.

Hobbies & activities: Andrew’s favorite activities are archery, participating in the color guard with its drills and ceremonies, and playing basketball and football.