Posted: December 2, 2018

Students Reaching Out, Helping Others This Holiday Season

Members of the Early College Academy Key Club, who stocked a snack pantry for younger kids at Eugene Field Elementary School, are among the many students across the district who are giving of themselves.

APS students are kind. APS employees are caring. APS school communities are generous.

Don't take our word for it. Stop by any school, especially during the holiday season, and you will witness food and clothing drives and fundraisers. Walk into a senior center and you'll see visiting and serenading students. Go to a shelter or hospital or food bank and you'll notice student volunteers.

Volunteers like the members of the Early Academy Key Club who ventured over to Eugene Field Elementary School recently to stock a pantry full of snacks and hand out goodies to the younger students.

This is the second year the ECA students have taken part in the pantry project. Last year, the built and decorated the pantry that they now stock year-round for students and the nearby elementary school.

The kind act has proven to be academically beneficial. Eugene Field is the only school in the state that raised its letter grade from an F to a B. While the snacks don’t get all the credit, school administrators say they helped the students power through on long test days.

The pantry project helped kick off Nov 38: Do Something Great. What started as a typo in the APS wall calendar three years ago has become an annual tradition to take pictures of acts of kindness during the holidays and post them to school social media sites using #Nov38.

More than two-thirds of APS schools now have their own Twitter account, and they are being asked to join @eugenefield_ABQ, @ECAElements, and @ABQschools to share pictures and descriptions of generous and kind acts using #Nov38.  Teachers, parents, and others are encouraged to get into the act as well.

APS will collect these social media photographs for a slideshow that will run during the break on our website and in the lobby, boardroom and superintendent's office at the APS administration building.

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