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Posted: November 9, 2023

What Are You Looking For in a Superintendent?

Valley High students use video to encourage community to help APS select district's next leader.

Valley High students at work on their video.

Valley High students at work on their video.

The tech-savvy students in Ana-Alicia Karnas’ Photography, Film Production class and Media Club at Valley High School grasp the concept of influencer marketing and will use their skills to promote public meetings and engagement in the district’s search for a new superintendent. 

Superintendent Scott Elder’s contract ends on June 30, 2024, and the Board of Education wants to exhaust all avenues possible to bring people together to advise the board on the characteristics they want to see in the next superintendent. 

Karna and Valley High School Principal Anthony Griego graciously offered the talents of their students to help produce videos and push out social media posts highlighting the duties of a superintendent and the importance of the appointment to their academic futures and the vitality of our city. 

“It’s exciting to see how much this opportunity means to our students,” said Karnas. “While this group of students is actively involved in video production and daily social media content creation, this civic opportunity is new and empowers them to channel their voices and talents toward a purpose more meaningful than, for instance, a whimsical post of  a roadrunner riding a skateboard.”

Karnas and her students are now ready to roll. Final edits on the videos and posts produced will be distributed to the entire APS school community. Their greatest hope is to reach anyone and everyone who wants APS to succeed and is willing to take a survey, attend a public meeting, or share their social media posts, so that ultimately, the Board of Education hears a variety of perspectives to ensure everyone has a say in the process.

Please watch for the Valley High School social media invites this week. Your participation in the upcoming APS Board of Education Community Conversation meetings on Nov. 13 and Nov. 16  and the survey that opened on Nov. 8 would be a wonderful way to support the students’ hard work, and would be greatly appreciated.