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News from 2023-2024

Posted: May 16, 2024

APS Seeking Community Representatives to Serve on Audit Committee

Anyone interested must apply before June 1.

APS administrative offices

APS administrative offices

The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education is looking for two community representatives to serve alongside board members, the superintendent, and the Chief Financial Officer on the APS Audit Committee. 

One of the community representatives needs to be a parent of a student currently attending an APS school. The other representative needs to have experience in accounting or financial matters.

The two-year terms would run from June 2024 through June 2026. 

Audit Committee responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating the request for proposal for annual financial audit services
  • Recommending the selection of the financial auditor
  • Attending the entrance and exit conferences for annual and special audits
  • Meeting with external financial auditors at least monthly after audit fieldwork begins until the conclusion of the audit
  • Being accessible to the external financial auditors as requested to facilitate communication with the board and the superintendent
  • Tracking and reporting progress on the status of the most recent audit findings and advising the Board of Education on policy changes needed to address audit findings
  • Providing other advice and assistance as requested by the Board of Education
  • Following the same requirements regarding the confidentiality of audit information as those imposed upon the Board of Education
  • Receiving and reviewing internal audit reports from the superintendent or their designee about fraud, waste, abuse, whistleblower complaints, and other information as requested by the superintendent and/or the Audit Committee. 

Committee members attend about nine meetings a year. They may attend virtually. 

If interested, please email your name, contact information, letter of interest, and resume to Mark Turnball, the APS Executive Director of Accounting, at before June 1, 2024. Please specify Application for Audit Committee in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Turnbull at or 505-880-3762.