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Posted: June 2, 2022

Tools for a Fun, Interactive, Rewarding Summer

We've put together videos featuring top APS educators with tips on helping students acquire new skills, stay engaged, and get a head start for next school year.

Congratulations!. We completed another successful school year and now have a little space to explore all the things we daydream about but never have time to try out.

Summer is an excellent time for students to lean into a more relaxed learning setting, acquire new life skills, stay engaged, and get a head start next year. 

We asked some of Albuquerque Public Schools’ best elementary, middle, and high school teachers, a bilingual educator, and our APS Tech team to share advice and tools for a fun, interactive, and rewarding summer. 

We think you’ll find something for everyone. So, please take a few minutes to check out our videos and explore all the possibilities to enjoy this summer by yourself, with a family member, or with friends. A little academic polish will stay with you long after your summer tan has faded. Enjoy!

Summer Learning: Elementary School


Summer Learning: Middle School


Summer Learning: High School