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Posted: July 13, 2022

Peachjar Flyers Information for Schools

Peachjar is the APS digital flyer management system. Learn how to get rights to post Peachjar flyers for your school, and how to get training for Peachjar.

APS uses a flyer management system called Peachjar to email district-approved digital flyers from program providers directly to families. The flyers also are posted on school-specific websites. Your school should not be distributing paper flyers anymore!

Peachjar allows schools to upload full-color flyers for free. These flyers are emailed to families and posted on the school-specific website. All school websites have a button on their homepage for quick access to the flyers.

How Do I Get Rights to Post Flyers for My School?

The Communications Office created Peachjar School Admin accounts for all principals to allow them to post their school’s internally-created flyers.

Principals may designate a staff member such as a secretary/office manager/tech to be the Peachjar School Admin at their school. The Peachjar School Admin(s) at your school will have flyer-uploading privileges and may choose to assign flyer-uploading rights to others as well (e.g., a parent group member).

Where Do I Get Training for Peachjar?

There are various options for training Peachjar School Admins and school flyer uploaders. 

  1. There is a 20-minute School Staff Training Webinar every Wednesday morning at 9. 
  2. You can review Peachjar’s online training instructions: Online Training Instructions
  3. Camp Peachjar provides videos and other resources for first-time users. 
  4. Peachjar FAQs 

A reminder: Peachjar is free for our schools to post school-run programs and events. Outside community partners pay a small service fee to post and distribute digital flyers (typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers). Therefore, you may not post a flyer from a community partner through Peachjar. All community organizations that want to distribute flyers must be directed to use Peachjar.

More Peachjar Information

Additional information about this service is available on:

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