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Posted: January 13, 2023

Game Vision to Begin Streaming Athletic Events at all APS High Schools

Company will pay APS $180,000 over three years.

Albuquerque Public Schools is partnering with a new vendor to livestream athletic events at all 13 comprehensive high schools in the city.

Game Vision will pay to install cameras at the high school gyms and fields and at Milne, Nusenda and Wilson stadiums and the APS Soccer Complex, said Adrian Ortega, the district’s senior director of athletics. It will also pay the district $60,000 a year for three years – for a total of $180,000. Game Vision will then charge for subscriptions for its livestreams.

“For the district, what we are really excited about is that all our schools will be covered and all our student athletes will be covered,” Superintendent Scott Elder said. “So it’s an equitable system. It benefits the kids, it benefits the families, and, ultimately, it benefits the district.”

The district entered into the agreement with Game Vision this week.

“I think it’s a great contract. It meets the needs of all of our athletes, all of our communities and all of our students,” Ortega said. “That’s most important to us. Every single high school will have the same camera system, the same exposure. That was what was really important to us as a district.”

The cameras will be installed in phases beginning in April. Phase 1 will include gyms at all of the comprehensive high schools. Phase 2 will include fields at the high schools in addition to district facilities, Ortega said.

In the meantime, Game Vision is planning to contract with Proview Networks, so some livestreams could be available as early as next week.

Game Vision was one of three companies that responded to a request for proposals issued by the district and emerged as the top company in the procurement process.

District officials announced the contract during a news conference Wednesday at Albuquerque High School.

“This contract is with Game Vision, however we did leave the door open for student led groups, for example film classes,” Ortega said. “So student led groups still have the opportunity to stream athletics alongside Game Vision. We thought it was important that our students still had opportunity to gain experience outside of the contract that was signed.”