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Posted: October 15, 2019

It's National School Lunch Week

Millions of meals are prepared, transported and served each year by APS Food and Nutrition Services.

Cafeteria workers at Hawthorne Elementary School.

Cafeteria workers at Hawthorne Elementary School.

APS serves 29,000 breakfasts and 41,000 lunches to hungry students and staff every day. That amounts to more than a million meals a month, more than 10 million meals a year when you count summer programs, snacks and family dinners.

That is a lot of meals.

It takes an army of about 700 employees to prepare, transport and serve these meals on a timely basis at more than 150 sites including some charter and private schools across the city.

Those workers deserve a pat on the back. They deserve recognition for their hard work. That is why APS is joining the rest of the nation in celebrating School Lunch Week through Friday, Oct. 18.

School menus have been adjusted over the years to make them healthier and tastier, said Sandra Kemp, Executive Director of APS Food and Nutrition Services. "We provide more than just food; we are providing healthy, nutritional meals that are served by caring food service professionals," Kemp said.

Much of that healthy food is grown and produced locally including fruits and vegetables, dairy products, tortillas, chile and more. 

Join us this week in thanking members of the APS Food & Nutrition Services staff.