Posted: October 27, 2014

I Run. What 's Your Superpower?

Griegos Elementary hosted a jog-a-thon that brought together students, families and the community.

What is your superpower? Last Friday, students at Griegos Elementary answered their school’s theme with “I Run” at the annual jog-a-thon, a fundraiser to support the PTO.

“Along with the superpowers, our kids were promoting health and wellness while making our school and community a better place,” Lara Carter, secretary at Griegos Elementary, said.

Dressed up in masks and sporting crazy hair, students walked, ran and jogged to raise money for field trips, after school programs, classroom technologies and family nights. Members from the New Mexico Justice League, the University of New Mexico Spirit Squat, the UNM Track and Field Team and Albuquerque Isotope’s mascot Orbit were in attendance cheering on the students.

Their goal for the year is to raise $34,576.89 (notice the sequence of numbers in the goal).

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