Posted: October 6, 2014

Cibola Reschedules Homecoming Dance for Oct. 18

The Homecoming Dance was cancelled on Saturday due to a security concern.

School and district officials, including APS Interim Supt. Dr. Brad Winter, met with representatives from the senior class as well as student body officers at Cibola High School and offered their support as the class moves to reschedule the school’s homecoming dance, which was cancelled on Saturday evening due to a shooting threat posted on social media.

The principal, the senior class sponsor, teacher Katherine Casaus, and APS Associate Supt. for High Schools also told the students they will work to make the event, which is now set for Oct. 18, even bigger and better than before.

“We are confident that the community will work with us to make it a better event for the students,” Winter said.

The students said they appreciated the support of both the school and the district. “We just want to make sure that all the students who had planned to go to the dance on Saturday will have a good time at the dance on Oct. 18,” said student body vice-president Dylan Cordova, who is also a senior at Cibola.

Students said they were optimistic that they can sell even more than the 800 tickets that had been sold for Saturday’s dance. They will offer refunds to students who say they will not be able to attend the Oct. 18 dance.

“We will make it a whole week of activities, just like homecoming week,” said Cibola Principal Pam Meyer. She added that the school and the district will ask restaurants, tuxedo rental shops and salons to see if they can offer discounts to Cibola students that weekend.

Ben Schultz, activities director at Cibola, said the school had already been contacted by the activities director at Rio Rancho High, which held its homecoming dance on Saturday. “He offered to make a donation for $480 to Cibola, which is the amount spent on tickets by 24 Cibola students who attended the homecoming dance at Rio Rancho on Saturday,” Schultz said.

The student accused of posting the threat has not returned to school and faces long-term suspension and possible expulsion.