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Posted: July 11, 2018

Back to School in July for Several APS Schools

Hawthorne, Los Padillas and Whittier start school on July 30. The first day of school for eight elementaries that follow an alternative calendar is July 23.

Hawthorne, Los Padillas and Whittier elementary schools, the three APS schools identified by the state as in need of More Rigorous Intervention, will start school on Monday, July 30, a couple of weeks earlier than most other APS schools. 

In addition, these three schools will extend their school day, which will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. The extra hour, nicknamed the Genius Hour, is designed to help students apply core knowledge to real-world, enriching activities.

Eight other APS elementary schools -- Cochiti, Duranes, Eugene Field, M.A. Binford, Mark Twain, Navajo, Oñate and S.R. Marmon -- follow an alternative calendar that starts on Monday, July 23. Their bell schedules are posted to the school websites.   

The first day of school for the rest of APS, including all of its middle and high schools, is Monday, Aug. 13.  

Extending the school day and year at Hawthorne, Los Padillas and Whittier is part of a plan to improve the grade assigned to them by the state Public Education Department, which identified the three as MRI schools (schools in need of More Rigorous Intervention).

The plan for each school was developed with input from students, teachers, staff, families and the community. While molded to fit the unique needs of each school, all of the plans focus on a more rigorous, well-rounded education implemented by a well prepared and supported staff.

The alternative calendar followed by eight APS schools, which used to be called year-round schools, is designed to provide students with continuous learning by breaking up the long summer vacation into shorter, more frequent vacations throughout the year.

The last day of school for all APS schools is May 22. In addition, all schools have the same fall break on Oct. 11-12, winter break from Dec. 21-Jan. 4 and spring break from March 11-15. 

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