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Posted: January 21, 2019

Art & Music Coming to All Elementary Schools

We're hiring 20 music and art teachers each year for the next five so that students will have both subjects every year in elementary school.

Art at Montezuma Elementary School

Art at Montezuma Elementary School

For 23 years, APS elementary school students alternated between music and art education every other year. 

That is beginning to change.

The APS Board of Education and District Leadership have paved the way for art and music to be taught to students in all APS elementary schools every year.

Ten music and 10 art teachers were hired recently and placed in schools across the district in schools like Montezuma Elementary where students now have both music and art each week.

The plan is to hire 20 more art and music teachers a year over the next four years so that by the 2022-23 school year, both subjects will be taught in all elementary schools.

"We have been a consistent presence throughout the district for many years, but it has taken a long time to get to this point," said APS Fine Arts Director Gina Rasinski. "But as we're always telling our children and our students -- never give up on your dreams. You never know how long they may take to come true."

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Music at Montezuma Elementary School

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