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Posted: February 11, 2020

Selfless Senior Spotlight: Mercedes Mummert

Meet Mercedes Mummert of Albuquerque High School, 2020 Selfless Senior!

“I am a proud Bulldog - loyal, fun and kind. During my sophomore year, I quietly presented my teacher with a care package when that teacher returned to school after a tragic life event, and as the current student body secretary, I lead the charge in rallying the Bulldogs for activities in and out of school - school assemblies, sports events, drama performances, and more.  I encourage my peers through hard work and perseverance in my classes and in all activities that I am a part of - captain of varsity soccer, swimming, and track/field teams; MESA club member; and peer tutor.  I intend to pursue a career in pediatric physical therapy. I had my own physical therapy journey starting with major back surgery at the start of my junior year.  My own personal experience at UNM's Carrie Tingley Hospital led me to volunteer every Tuesday and Thursday with the pediatric physical therapy teams at the inpatient and outpatient units. I know that I am blessed with many opportunities and I plan to continue to work diligently to help and encourages others.”

How would you define Selfless Senior Mercedes Mummert?

tenacious, adjective, holding fast, characterized by keeping a firm hold, not easily pulled apart