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Posted: May 11, 2020

Selfless Senior Spotlight: Kate Anderson

Meet Kate Anderson of Manzano High School, 2020 Selfless Senior!

“Hello, my name in Kate Anderson, and I am the third oldest of eleven kids. My favorite quote that I say is ‘good morning’. If you’re having a bad day, start it over and say ‘good morning’! I believe that every dark side has a bright side, because you can’t have darkness without the light, you just have to look for it. My dream is to open up my own bakery, and run the business on my own. That’s why I’m in the DECA program at Manzano High School. I also have been taking the culinary arts program for the past three years. My freshman year of high school, I designed and built a smart farm. It’s a vertical hydroponic system to help agricultural advancement. My other activities include the Manzano Royal Guard Marching Band, tutoring my peers, and my job at Fuddruckers. I’m one of the head cooks over there, and I work over 20 hours a week.  In the community, I have participated in gathering donations for Goodwill through our AVID program and helped with litter clean up.”

How would you describe Kate?

dedicated, adjective, devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose