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Posted: March 29, 2020

Selfless Senior Spotlight: Ebuela Shindano

Meet Ebuela Shindano of Highland High School, 2020 Selfless Senior!

My name is Ebuela Shindano. I come from Democratic Republic of the Congo, and I came to the U.S in 2016.  I speak three languages, which are Kibembe, my native language, Swahili and English. I love to work with young men of color.  I joined Together for Brothers in 2018.  I started as a Youth Leader and later on I became a Youth Organizer. Later, the same year, another guy and I started leading a small group of 10 people at Highland High School. I got my friends involved in that program as well.  It was a big challenge for us because most of them were unable to speak English and were speaking different languages. Also, they didn’t have transportation. We came up with ideas to get them bus passes, as well as for other young men of color who had trouble with transportation. For the first time, we met with APS, and we talked about transportation. I used myself as an example because I used to take the city bus every morning to get to school. Also, we talked about providing elementary school kids a school bus. For those living far from school they used to walk alone to school, which was unsafe for them. We went to the Mayor’s office to talk with him and told him how the bus passes are very important for young men of color.  I was unable to go where I wanted to go, like attending youth meetings, going to church, and even attending soccer practice and other activities. The bus pass was the only solution for all of that. We got about 700 bus passes to help young men of color. We passed out the bus passes, and each of them got two bus passes for two months. We did the same as well in last year, and gave away each young man of color one bus pass for a hundred days. We made a survey as well to see how those bus passes helped them. We succeeded with that, and those bus passes helped them a lot. We still look forward to see how we can help with that. We are not looking to get a one-month bus pass or a hundred day bus pass either, but we want to get something that will help them all the time when needed. Additionally, I started working in the International District as a youth partner. Also, I was a part of Future Men, which was our project to help children with their homework. I also help newcomers in my school who speak the same language as me.” 

How would you describe Ebuela?