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Posted: April 28, 2018

Meet Selfless Senior Rachel Sanchez

Rachel is among the Class of 2018 honorees who were recognized at the Gold Bar Gala.

Rachel has always been active in numerous clubs and activities. She’s passionate about being committed to her school at Rio Grande High and the people around her. Rachel has volunteered her time to the community through the AVID Program and Student Senate.

Being Junior Class Vice-President and currently Senior Class President, really has made Rachel more accountable and practice her leadership qualities. Several service projects have been accomplished with Rachel’s help over the past few school years.

Rachel not only volunteers with Roadrunner Food Bank but also coordinates the volunteer efforts of her class. Rachel enjoys participating in Thanksgiving Lunch with local senior citizens and APS elementary school students. She organizes different school drives to help benefit those in need such as the victims of Hurricane Harvey, beneficiaries of the Make a Wish Foundation, and many others. 

Volunteering at her church has also allowed Rachel to reach out to new people, and help others in greater ways. With the support of her parents, Rachel still manages to maintain a job and a high GPA. Rachel not only focuses on being successful in her own life, but always encouraging others to do the same. So many people look up to her as a role model, and she always plans to make them proud. Rachel’s a firm believer in, “Act without expectation.”

Thanks to the generosity of Frank Frost Photography, Rachel and the 13 other 2018 Selfless Seniors were also recognized at the Gold Bar Gala on April 27. The Gold Bar Gala, presented by Award Sponsors Comcast, RayLee Homes: A New Generation and Technology Integration Group, is an annual event that raises money for school and classroom grants awarded through the APS Education Foundation.