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Posted: March 25, 2019

Meet Selfless Senior Diana Mullen

Over the next several weeks, we are going to introduce you to our 2019 Selfless Seniors who will be recognized at the Gold Bar Gala on March 22.

Diana Mullen has been a devoted volunteer at St. Paul Lutheran Church since her confirmation. She has taken an active role in alleviating hunger through her volunteer efforts by not only helping with fundraising and awareness events but also learning more about the issue so she could have an even deeper impact through her service.  Ms. Mullen has also given time to the elderly by helping with cleaning projects and just spending her time listening and comforting them when they needed a friend.  Through these experiences, she has shown loyalty and compassion in the face of illness and death.  Because her brother lives with cerebral palsy, Ms. Mullen has taken a leadership role in her school through Best Buddies in order to provide inclusive opportunities for all students with and without disabilities to learn more about one another and grow together.  Through her experiences volunteering with children and senior citizens, Ms. Mullen has developed a deep sense of understanding for those who may only need a listening ear and a helping hand.

Diana, Albuquerque High School is honored to have you represent the senior class. Your enthusiasm and generosity in school and community activities make the spirit of Bulldog City. Thank you for modeling relationship and responsibility in all you do!