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Posted: November 18, 2014

28 Unsung Students Named 2015 Selfless Seniors

The students who give of themselves without the expectation of recognition will get their moment in the spotlight during a ceremony in April.

They may not make a speech during graduation ceremonies, or score a winning touchdown, or accept an all-expenses-paid scholarship to college. But in many ways, the 2015 Selfless Seniors will be our most unique graduates.

The APS Education Foundation has selected 28 students to represent their schools, their families and our community at the Selfless Seniors ceremony, scheduled for April 8. Committees composed of leaders in the community and members of the APS Education Foundation Board of Directors looked through nearly 120 nominations from the district’s 13 traditional high schools, plus its Schools of Choice and APS charter schools. They looked for students who had given of themselves without the expectation of recognition or reward in return.

“While some of our Selfless Seniors are no strangers at their schools, we also find students whose works of kindness have gone largely unnoticed,” said Phill Casaus, executive director of the Foundation. “That’s what makes the selection process so tough – we have dozens and dozens of kids who deserve the honor; kids whose great spirit isn’t concentrated in just one or two places. I think our committee would tell you the decisions were very difficult.”

Noted Albuquerque photographer Frank Frost takes portraits of the Selfless Seniors that grace a variety of public areas, including the Albuquerque International Sunport,

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Robin Hopkins has agreed to serve as the keynote speaker for the event, and there may be others.

“We’re excited about this year’s event, because it continues to grow in stature,” Casaus said. “And as people get to know what these students have done, they will be proud. They elevate all of us.”

This year’s Selfless Seniors are:

  • Albuquerque High – Janai Campos and Jude Chavez
  • Atrisco Heritage Academy – Daisy Astorga and Desirae Martinez
  • Cibola – Christopher Mings and Mckenzie Jones
  • Del Norte – Shelby Harrison and Tara Spencer
  • Eldorado – Brooke Erdman and Meredith Barrows
  • Highland – Angelina Malagodi and Diana Garcia
  • La Cueva – Mychal Taylor, Dylan Cuellar and Wes Swainston
  • Manzano – Orlando Garcia and Abigail Thompson
  • Rio Grande – Alejandro Estrada and Chad Jurado
  • Sandia – Ashley Smith
  • Valley – Daisy Nevarez
  • Volcano Vista – Jessica Campbell, Tatiana Corwell and Angel Hernandez
  • West Mesa – Maritza Franco and Marisol Robles
  • Nex+Gen Academy – Chana Siegler
  • South Valley Academy – Emmanuel Munoz


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