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Posted: January 19, 2016

Teachers in Autism-Specific Classrooms Get Vital Gifts

Thanks to Holman's USA Foundation, four teachers got iPads and other equipment to help their students learn.

Four lucky APS teachers in autism-specific classrooms have received wonderful and vital gifts from the Holman’s USA Foundation.

The teachers – Heidi Hawkins of Highland High, Jaye Walizer of Dennis Chavez Elementary, Zayda Raimundi of Madison Middle School and Megan Painter of Pajarito Elementary – received personal donations of the iPads and other equipment from Holman’s President/CEO Anthony Trujillo and other key members of the Holman’s Foundation.

When Trujillo and his friends walked into the classrooms of the teachers late last year, none of them knew their days of assisting students on the autism spectrum were about to get better.

“Thank you for all you’re doing,” Trujillo told the teachers during each of the surprise visits. The happy tears and smiles he received in return said the rest.

In all, the donations totaled about $30,000 and the teachers will use the equipment in assisting their students. Holman’s USA’s Foundation for Autism raises these funds during its annual golf tournament in the summer, inspired by Trujillo’s daughter, Sophia, who was diagnosed on the spectrum several years ago.

 The company has been making such donations to teachers throughout the district for many years. Holman’s has been a longtime supporter of APS autism-specific classrooms, and has for two years sponsored a Symphony for Autism concert in collaboration with the APS Special Education, the APS Education Foundation and the New Mexico Philharmonic.

In 2016 the Holman’s Foundation will benefit the 3rd Annual Symphony for Autism, 1st Annual Olympians for Autism, Golf Tournament for Autism, 1st Annual Dinner for Autism, and 1st Annual Wine and Nail Design for Autism.  For more information contact or visit

See what teacher Jaye Walizer at Dennis Chavez Elementary has to say about the donation.


Holman's USA Donates iPads from APS in Motion on Vimeo.