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News from the Education Foundation

Posted: March 3, 2011

NACR Latest to Contribute to APS Horizon Campaign

NACR is one of the nation’s leading business communications companies – a firm that takes pride in hearing, then helping.

NACR has done that and more, having joined the Albuquerque Public Schools Education Foundation’s Horizon Campaign.

“We’re so pleased that NACR has joined with others to help the kids in APS,” said Executive Director Phill Casaus. “Their commitment is real.”

NACR donated $5,000 to the campaign, which raises money for key programs within APS – fine arts, science/math/technology, middle and high school activities and literacy programs. The company was a key sponsor of the successful “A is for Art!” fundraiser in September.

“NACR is honored to be associated with the APS Education Foundation,” said Chuck Biller, director of sales. “The Foundation has done a wonderful job of identifying areas where strategic funding is limited, non-existent or simply not allowed. Additionally the funding stays right in our community, and we, as parents of APS students and community members, get to see the funding at work.”

The Horizon Campaign began in 2009 and has garnered interest from companies, both big and small, local and national. Casaus said the Foundation is working on this year’s “A is for Art!” fundraiser, scheduled for Sept. 9, as well as other projects.

“When folks like NACR step up to help, it has a galvanizing effect on our teachers and students. Many of our Horizon Award grants are currently in play around the district, and teachers report their students are really benefitting. That’s really heartening for the future.”

Biller, whose children attend APS, concurred. “I believe it gives the Albuquerque business community an opportunity to give a little back,” he said of the Horizon Campaign. “Many of us are products of APS.”

For more information on the Horizon Campaign, contact Casaus at 878-6165 or