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Posted: December 12, 2014

Music and Technology Intertwine in Antonio Romero's Classes

The itinerant elementary music teacher is the latest TIG/APS Education Foundation Innovation Award winner.

Antonio Romero uses the Promethean Interactive white board to teach musical ideas and concepts, and also to take students on virtual field trips around the world.

Currently working on earning a master's degree in education technology, Romero uses what he learns as a student with his third, fourth and fifth graders. He has started building music-oriented websites that are easily accessible so students can continue to learn at home.

"I use technology as a tool in my classroom because the students are surrounded by technology in their everyday lives," Romero said. "The technology also gets students more interested in what we are doing. They want to have a chance to come up to the board and play."

Romero said he also likes how adaptable technology is. "Students ask so many questions everyday and I don’t always have the answers that they need. The Promethean board allows me the ability to quickly display any information I might need at a moment's notice. I always strive to encourage learning even if the learning takes us away from the lesson I had planned. That's the fun thing about teaching; you never know where the students are going to lead you and the technology I use helps me lead the students to where they need to be." 

 Romero said he plans to use the prize that goes along with his honor as the TIG/APS Education Foundation Innovation Award winner to buy more interactive hardware and programs for his classroom.