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Posted: October 28, 2014

Mitchell Reading Teacher Changes Lives

Alice Salzwedel is the Pepsi/APS Education Foundation Teacher of the Month.

It's a simple enough mission: Alice Salzwedel became a teacher to change lives.

The students and staff at Mitchell Elementary will say it's a mission accomplished. That's why Salzwedel was named the Pepsi/APS Education Foundation Teacher of the Month.

Salzwedel is a reading intervention teacher, working primarily with children whose reading skills are very far behind for a variety of reasons including their age, the possibility of having a delay or disability that has not been diagnosed, or just not having the same access to quality reading instruction at home or a previous school. 

"It is such an honor to watch a student grow throughout the year," said Salzwedel, who's been teaching for about a decade. "From struggling to read to being a proficient or near-proficient reader. No longer being frustrated by reading, but enjoying a book!  It is such a  joy to witness this growth as it occurs!"

 Salzwedel, who also is chair of the school's Instructional Council and coordinates its after school clubs, said her own two children inspire her to be a good teacher.

"I want them to look at their mom and see how much hard work pays off," she said. "I hope that when they are older, they are inspired to work as hard as possible to be the best spouse, parent, Christian, employee, and person they can be."

Pepsi, in partnership with the APS Education Foundation, is recognizing APS teachers for their outstanding contribution to the classroom, school and community. The Foundation randomly selects one APS school each month, and that school’s principal or staff chooses a teacher to be honored. The teacher receives a $100 check from Pepsi and acknowledgement on the APS website, Facebook page and electronic billboards.