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Posted: August 9, 2013

LearningRx Partnership Focuses on Teacher Appreciation and Support

LearningRx is an educational franchise specializing in brain or cognitive skills training, which is very different from teaching or tutoring. Cognitive skills training strengthens the skills behind how students learn (processing). The business partners with several schools as well as supporting the APS Education Foundation's signature fundraiser, A is for Art. LearningRx will be the Photo booth sponsor at the September 20 event at Hotel Albuquerque, supporting the fine arts in APS and enabling attendees to leave the event with a visual memory of the festivities.

Learning RX currently partners with North Star, Dennis Chavez, Georgia O’Keeffe and Osuna Elementary Schools through the Join-a-School program.  Owner Barbara Northrop strongly believes in supporting public education and began partnering with local schools soon after the franchise was up and running.   She says, “I love being a part of the big picture when it comes to educating our children. Our mission at LearningRx is to work in tandem with educators for the common goal of helping students learn. I enjoy being in the schools and all that energy!  Our teachers do such a great job day after day.  If I can spoil them just a little, that makes me smile”.

Incentives and prizes for teachers in addition to Staff Appreciation Breakfasts several times throughout the school year, have been a major component of the partnership.   LearningRx will be front and center this August as the school year gears up.  Teachers are often provided with a small gift or “survival kit” in addition to snacks during certain times of the year, like the spring testing period or parent conferences. 

LearningRx steps in when there are unfilled needs at a partner school. The Georgia O’Keeffe ES Science Fair is sponsored by LearningRx .  Barbara Northrop and other of her staff at LearningRx volunteer as science fair judges at each of their partner schools.   When schools need donations for a school carnival, raffle or other event, LearningRx is there.    A bicycle was donated to North Star ES for the Howling at the Stars year end carnival.  Raffle tickets for the bike were sold to raise money for other school initiatives.    

Sponsorships for other events like the Osuna ES Jog a Thon are common.   LearningRx also sponsors the Spelling Bee events at each of their partner schools.   If an unanticipated need comes up, Barbara Northrop and LearningRx are there to try to help.   She calls this, the “Principal’s Choice” component, allowing a principal to select an area for additional support. 

LearningRx supports teacher professional development, as well.  When nationally-known literacy and brain development speakers come to Albuquerque, schools staffs are invited to attend courtesy of LearningRx.  Speakers on cognitive learning skills and science research on learning are available to staff and parent groups.   

Stephanie Fascitelli, principal of North Star ES, says, “Learning Rx is a great Join-a-School Partner with North Star.  Barbara Northrop has the biggest heart and most generous nature when it comes to the education of children.  She will do whatever it takes to promote the growth and progress of all of our students as well as see that our teachers are appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work and efforts.  Learning Rx is a great company to have on our team!’