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Posted: November 4, 2013

Latest Horizon Awards Put $70,000+ in Classrooms, Schools

About 90 grants were submitted this fall through the semi-annual program sponsored by the APS Education Foundation.

Teachers and students from all parts of the city are the recipients of more than $70,000 in funding through the APS Education Foundation’s Fall 2013 Horizon Awards, which were allocated last week.

A committee of more than a dozen members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and several community volunteers judged about 90 grant submissions in four key subject areas – Fine Arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), Literacy and Middle/High School Activities.

Foundation Executive Director Phill Casaus said the number of requests doubled in the fall cycle, in large part due to a new, user-friendly online submission form.

“The Horizon Awards continue to take hold, and it was obvious that more submissions made the competition even more fierce,” Casaus said.

Since Horizon’s implementation three years ago, more than $475,000 has been allocated into classrooms. Horizon recipients are required to create a report when their projects are complete. Bids are judged on a variety of criteria, including the number of students reached and innovation. School personnel may create a project for a single classroom or a team approach.

Winners in the fall cycle included:

Middle/High School Activities

  • Tammy Crespin, Madison Middle School, “Mosaic and Garden Installation.”
  • Elizabeth Pacheco, Atrisco Heritage Academy High School, “65 Know These Things About Cystic Fibrosis.”

Fine Arts

  • Julie Dahl, Cibola High School, “Everybody `Plays’”
  • Catherine Eaves, Albuquerque High, “Mi Vida: Photojournalism and Graphic Design Project.”
  • Camilla Haneberg, Nex+Gen Academy, “Community Art Event.”
  • Shannon McCrady, Polk Middle School, “Living New Mexico’s History.”
  • Dale Simpkins, Hoover Middle School, “Middle School Video Production.”


  • Janyce Cardenas, Wilson Middle School, “Wildcat Blooms School Gardens.”
  • Michael Freeman, North Star Elementary, “Genetics.”
  • Bert Gillespie, Sandia High School, “Friends of the Cumbres/Toltec and Sandia High Rail Restoration.”
  • Ann Goswick, Sandia High School, “Student Technology Support.”
  • Mona Grigsby Suarez, Lew Wallace Elementary, “Citius, Altius, Fortius.”
  • Crystal Kardeen, Navajo Elementary School, “Building Fluency With Numbers Through Technology.”
  • Treva Morath, Dolores Gonzales Elementary School, “ALEKS Math Instruction.”
  • Brenda Padilla, Inez Elementary School, “Scantek Lab.
  • Helen Stein, Corrales Elementary School, “Upcycling Trash – Experimenting with Paper Making.”


  • Jamie Bachmann, Madison Middle School, “Communication Through Technology.”
  • Bianca Belmonte Sapien, Juvenile Detention Center, “RAPS – Respectful, Achieving, Productive Students for Success.”
  • Christine Beverly, Del Norte High School, “Dragon Slayers Debate!”
  • Jovelyn Cruzada, Kit Carson Elementary School, “Expanding Learning Through TechHub.”
  • Suzanne del Rosario, Aztec Complex, “Technology Use to Access Online Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments.”
  • Barbara Henry, Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School, “Building Knowledge and Skills One Lego at a Time.”
  • Misty Horning, Eldorado High School, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”
  • Rubing Hsu, Career Enrichment Center, “Chinese Literacy Acquisition Through Online Workbooks.”
  • Cathy Jordan, New Futures, “Little Hands Reading Project.”
  • Dorene Kahl, Eldorado High School, “Get Thee Publishing in a Literary Magazine: Creating Writing With Under-Represented Groups.”
  • Maria Ladd, College and Career High School, “Monuments and Memorials.”
  • Lisa Martinez, Albuquerque High, “The Write Way.”
  • Eric Orell, Manzano High School, “College Fair.”
  • Jennifer Pollard, Griegos Elementary School, “Theater for Reading.”
  • Jessica Quintana, Rio Grande High School, “Behind Bridge Street.”
  • Susannah Ross, Volcano Vista High School, “Voices of Liberation: My Voice Matters.”
  • Andrew Sedrel, Grant Middle School, “Netbooks to Support Writing in the Content Fields for Students With Disabilities.”
  • Sharon Sharp, Chelwood Elementary School, “Team 40.”
  • Ritamarie Theiler, McCollum Elementary School, “News 4 Me,” and “Service Dog for Literacy.”
  • Davina Turner, Roosevelt Middle School, “Living Treasure of Our Community.”
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