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News from the Education Foundation

Posted: September 14, 2011

Join-a-School Moves to the APS Education Foundation

Join-a-School has collaborated with the APS Education Foundation for many years and that relationship has been formalized for 2011-2012 as JAS moves to the APSEF.

Corrales ES students enjoy the Young at Art event sponsored by JAS partner Frame-n-Art.

Corrales ES students enjoy the Young at Art event sponsored by JAS partner Frame-n-Art.


Join-a-School has developed partnerships and resources for APS since 1984 and has worked collaboratively with the Education Foundation for 15 years.  This year, Join-a-School has moved under the umbrella of the Education Foundation to provide greater benefit to schools and business/community partners, who have long been interested in a "one-stop shopping" approach to working with APS.  JAS Coordinator Cynthia Mann will continue to develop partnerships and work with the schools to more effectively access the resources offered.  Partnerships Manager Lauren Joule will continue to support Join-a-School in a variety of ways and will also work with APSEF Executive Director Phill Casaus on resource development and fundraising.  The merging of the two programs will allow for a more focused community outreach strategy and avoid duplication of services. 

Join-a-School will continue two grant programs from previous years.  Seeds of Learning mini-grant applications will be available September 15 through March 15. The Fidelity Investments Field Trips for Title I Middle Schools, affectionately named Broaden Your Horizons, will be available October 1 through March 15.  Field trips can be taken through the end of the school year.  The annual JAS Creative Grants will be replaced this spring by the APSEF Horizon Grants, which support Fine Arts, Literacy, After school programs and activities, and STEM.  Check the Grant Programs folder on this website for updated information and applications for the JAS grants.  Go to the APSEF website at for more information on the Horizon Grants.   Join-a-School and Education Foundation staff have moved to 630 East, adjacent to the Communications Department.  We hope the new location and structure will benefit both APS staff and community members interested in working with APS. Come visit us!