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Posted: December 6, 2016

Donate spare change to the school of your choice

Through APSCents, you can redirect your checkout counter change to your preferred APS school.

Did you know that during December the average consumer donates nearly $17 in change to charities at the checkout counter? You've probably experienced this a number of times, being asked to donate your change or an extra dollar to the charity the store is supporting.

We are all innately generous and probably feel a touch of guilt when thinking about saying “no.”  The unfortunate dynamic is that, as a consumer, you do not have a choice in who you support - your only option at the store is to donate to the merchant-sponsored charity. Plus, you won't get a receipt for a tax deduction, and these donations can really add up over time. 

There must be a better way.

Through APSCents, you can now redirect your checkout counter change to your preferred APS school. Instead of donating to the store's charity, you can support our students.

Simply visit APSCents, click on Support Our Students and select the APS school that you would like to support. After you register your credit or debit card with CaringCent (our technology provider) you can simply go about your daily life. When you make purchases on that card, the purchase amount is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the difference goes to your school, plus you'll have a record of these donations come tax time.