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Posted: January 4, 2013

Bueno Foods and Dolores Gonzales ES Continue Partnership That Began 20 Years ago

December 20 was a special day at Dolores Gonzales ES because long time Join-a-School partner Bueno Foods visited the school for the Salsa, Second Graders and Reading Initiative.

DGES Second Graders enjoy an activity during Salsa, Second Graders and Reading.

DGES Second Graders enjoy an activity during Salsa, Second Graders and Reading.

Bueno employees read to the students and distributed a copy of Benito’s Bizcochitos by Ana Baca, published by Arte Publico Press (University of Houston) to all 2nd graders at the school.  Chile Santa also made a special appearance.

For every jar of BUENO ® flame roasted salsa or sauces sold between December 2012 and April 2013, Bueno Foods will direct a percentage of proceeds to buying a book for second graders at low income schools in Albuquerque.  The books will be distributed in May to encourage reading during the summer

Bueno Foods (El Encanto, Inc.) is a family-owned New Mexico food company located in Albuquerque since 1951 and is still owned and operated by the Baca family.  The company has partnered with Dolores Gonzales ES for over 20 years, supporting literacy through book donations, assisting with fundraising activities, participating in career events, adopting families during the holidays, and donating food products and cookbooks to staff, among other things.  The school has always supported Bueno with reciprocal activities, as well. 

Ana Baca, Communications Manager for Bueno Foods, says, “Our mom was a second grade teacher for 15 years and a counselor for another 15 in APS.  Second grade is such a critical time for literacy and so many kids in our community don’t own a book.  We’d like to make it an annual tradition to get a book into as many second grader’s hands as possible.”  Thanks to Bueno for continuing a great partnership!