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Posted: March 16, 2015

20-Year Veteran Teacher Embraces Technology

Shelly Robinson, a math teacher at School on Wheels, is this month's TIG/APS Education Foundation Innovation Award winner.

Shelly Robinson, who is about to enter her third decade of teaching, embraces technology in every aspect of her profession, from taking attendance and recording grades to presenting curriculum and interacting with students to assessing their success.

"Technology is integrated in everything that we do. Our students have grown up with it, so it should be integrated into their education as much as possible," said Robinson, this month's TIG/APS Education Foundation Award winner.

Robinson, who also teaches for CNM and IDEAL NM, is one of 20 APS teachers receiving Apple training as part of the APS Digital Strategies Teacher Cohort.

"I use technology every day in class as a teacher," she said. "I particularly use a laptop, an iPad and the Promethean board."

With students, Robinson uses a few different iPad applications including Nearpod which allows them to be more interactive and Educreations which helps students make videos explaining how to solve problems.

Technology Integration Group and the APS Education Foundation sponsor the Innovation Awards, which each month honor a district teacher who is advancing education through the use of technology, including the Promethean ActivBoards.

Each award winner receives a $1,600 prize to be used on technology. Mayer said she is planning on purchasing Apple TVs so that students can mirror their work to the class or small group discussions.

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