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Posted: March 18, 2022

Metro Youth Art Exhibit Winners and Video

Hundreds of APS middle and high school students participated in the annual event.

Honey Bear by Lenore Phy, a La Cueva junior

Honey Bear by Lenore Phy, a La Cueva junior

The Metro Youth Art Exhibit is a professionally juried exhibit sponsored by the Albuquerque Public Schools Fine Arts Department. The art featured in the exhibit is created by APS students in a variety of high school visual arts classes. Selected work from middle school students is also displayed at the show.

Jurors are artists and educators with experience and expertise in their particular category. In addition, advanced art students selected by their high school art teachers serve as jurors to select one piece in each category to receive the Students’ Choice Award. Ribbons are given for first through third place in each category as well as for honorable mentions.

One student, Isabella Romero of Cibola High School, received a $1,000 scholarship from the UNM College of Fine Arts. 

Some student artists received cash merit awards or gift certificates. The City of Albuquerque Public Arts Program continued its tradition of purchasing several pieces from the show to become part of the city’s permanent public art collection. Bernalillo County also selects some pieces for their permanent collection.

2022 Metro Youth Art Exhibit Winners 

Ceramic Sculpture 

  • 1st Place: Emelia Serna, Sandia 12th grader   
  • 2nd Place: Corinne Spencer, Volcano Vista 12th grader  
  • 3rd Place: Araceli Sias, Cibola 11th grader  
  • Student Choice: Rey Sandoval, Volcano Vista 11th grader  


  • 1st Place: Ashley Leo-Montoya, Volcano Vista 12th grader
  • 2nd Place: Sasha Seegers-Henderson, Sandia 9th grader
  • Gabriella Parra, Sandia 9th grader 
  • Student Choice: Venus Munoz-Hernandez, Sandia 9th grader  

Commercial Graphics

  • 1st Place: Ariana Zayas, Eldorado 9th grader
  • 2nd Place: Ingrid Askew, Atrisco 11th grader 
  • 3rd Place: Mina Olson, Nex+Gen 10th grader 
  • Student Choice: Ingrid Askew

Digital Generated Art

  • 1st Place: Trinity Eckstein, Eldorado 12th grader
  • 2nd Place: Amanda Martinez, Sandia 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Salomon Rael, Sandia 10th grader
  • Student Choice: Isabella Lewis, Sandia 12th grader

Digital Photography

  • 1st Place: Sophia Garcia, Volcano Vista 10th grader
  • 2nd Place: Luke McDonald, La Cueva 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Logan Johnson, Volcano Vista 12th grader 
  • Student Choice: Aaron Redcliffe, Eldorado 12th grader

Digital Special Techniques

  • 1st Place: Lola Lenzen, Sandia 10th grader
  • 2nd Place: Kadence Billingsly, Volcano Vista 10th grader
  • 3rd Place: Kevin Martinez, Volcano Vista 9th grader
  • Student Choice: Fionna Rodriguez, Sandia 12th grader


  • 1st Place: Ngan Nguyen, Sandia 12th grader
  • 2nd Place: Sydney Amin, Cibola 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Jasmine Maokhamphiou, Sandia 11th grader
  • Student Choice: Emelia Serna, Sandia 12th grader


  • 1st Place: Jazlyn Provencio, Albuquerque High 10th grader
  • 2nd Place: Alex Grindstaff, Albuquerque High 11th grader 
  • 3rd Place: Danna Parra Guardado, Albuquerque High 10th grader
  • Student Choice: Alex Grindstaff, Albuquerque High 11th grader

Mixed Media

  • 1st Place: Jaslin Milcarek, Del Norte 12th grader
  • 2nd Place: Isabella Romero, Cibola 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Claire Eiting, Eldorado 11th grader
  • Student Choice: Claire Eiting

Non-Digital Special Tech Photo

  • 1st Place: Ryan Cuevas, Sandia 12th grader
  • 2nd Place: Addison Yoder, Sandia 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Ariana Evans, La Cueva 10th grader
  • Student Choice: Addison Yoder


  • 1st Place: Brooklyn Teeter, Eldorado 10th grader
  • 2nd Place: Ian Gutierrez, Eldorado 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Lauren Winder, La Cueva 11th grader
  • Student Choice: Alana Constant, Del Norte 12th grader  


  • 1st Place: Angelina Sanchez, Del Norte 11th grader 
  • 2nd Place: Safiya Redmond, Del Norte 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Alana Constant, Del Norte 12th grader
  • Student Choice: Safiya Redmond 


  • 1st Place: Destiny Gomez, Atrisco 11th grader
  • 2nd Place: Olivia Cartron, Sandia 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Yulissa Sagastume, Atrisco 11th grader
  • Student Choice: Trinity Lueras, Atrisco 12th grader 

Resourced Illustration

  • 1st Place: Darien Gallegos, Volcano Vista 10th grader 
  • 2nd Place: L Perea, Cibola 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Mackenzie Vela, Volcano Vista 10th grader
  • Student Choice: Rocio Ruvalcaba, Atrisco 12th grader


  • 1st Place: Elena Dunn, Albuquerque High 11th grader
  • 2nd Place: Trinity Rubidoux, Volcano Vista 9th grader
  • 3rd Place: Mackenzie Vela, Volcano Vista 11th grader
  • Student Choice: Sara Saenz, Rio Grande 12th grader

Silver Print Photography

  • 1st Place: Ryan Cuevas, Sandia 12th grader
  • 2nd Place: Ian Carroll, Sandia 11th grader
  • 3rd Place: Natalia Teschner, Sandia 12th grader
  • Student Choice: Maya Jo Yuric, La Cueva 11th grader


  • 1st Place: Allison Markowitz, Sandia 10th grader
  • 2nd Place: Melissa Gomez, Sandia 12th grader
  • 3rd Place: Tiffany Zhu, Nex+Gen 10th grader
  • Student Choice: Safiya Redmond, Del Norte 12th grader 

Bernalillo County Public Art Collection Purchase Award 

  • Ceramic Sculpture by Emelia Serna, Volcano Vista  
  • Watercolor by Emma Sanchez, Nex+Gen  
  • Water Color by Destiny Gomez,  Atrisco
  • Digital Photography by Carolyn Woolcott, Volcano Vista  
  • Painting by Lauren Winder, La Cueva 
  • Drawing by Olivia Cartron, Sandia

City of Albuquerque Public Art Program Purchase

  • Mixed Media by Jaslin Milcarek, Del Norte
  • Digital Special Technique by Carrie Mondragon, Volcano Vista
  • Drawing by Michaela Trujillo, Volcano Vista 

UNM College of Fine Arts Scholarship for Senior Portfolio

Isabella Romero, Cibola 

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